Taurus Millennium PT145 PRO $325

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    The Millennium Pro .45 ACP cartridge holds ten rounds in the magazine, plus another in the chamber for a total of eleven, yet is a very compact and concealable pistol.

    The PT has a polymer frame with a stainless steel slide and barrel, and weighs in at 22.2 ounces with an empty magazine.

    The overall length is only six and one-eighth inches, with an overall height of only five inches, including the sights and magazine floorplate. The thickness of the pistol at its widest point is only 1.14 inches, making for a very compact forty-five.

    While the pistol is easily concealable, it still offers a full, comfortable grip. The grip frame is textured front and back for a secure hold under any weather conditions, but was not abrading during the shooting session.

    This medium-framed polymer/steel Taurus has excellent sights that are screwed in instead of simply dovetailed in deference to the gun's substantial power-to-weight ratio.

    It's got a manual safety, a firing pin block, trigger block plus the company's integral key-locking system. The manual safety is easy to access with the thumb and relatively unobtrusive. In fact, the entire gun is virtually snag-less.

    The Millennium Pro has several built-in safety features. It is of a double action striker fired design, and has an internal firing pin block that prevents the gun from firing unless the trigger is pulled. In addition to that, the gun has a manual thumb safety that is easily accessible to a right-handed shooter.

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