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Have a baby on the way and need to stock up on diapers!!!

For sale: Taurus M44 matte- stainless steel 44 mag revolver. Located near seattle, WA

ASKING $350.00
Will ship to your ffl at actual shipping cost but would prefer a ftf in WA
-six shot
-use either 44mag or 44 special ammo
-4 inch barrel
-extremely low rd count. Bought new, has maybe 200 rds?
-very accurate and has adjustable sights.
-recoil reducing rubber grips
-barrel ported to reduce muzzle flip
-taurus has a lifetime warranty that goes with the gun, not the owner. If any probs, taurus will fix for free!
-includes speed loader and a cheap uncle mikes shoulder holster

This gun was my anti bear cannon, but due to a ruptured disc in my back and a baby on the way, I don't see a lot of hiking in my near future!!!!
(disc prob and baby are not connected by the way!)

This gun has been completly reliable so far and there is a buy it now price of $530 on most auctions i've seen.

If you are in the area, you can try before you buy. This gun shoots tacks! (giant high grain tacks) and i know you won't be disappointed!

Feel free to ask any questions


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