Taurus .44 Magnum, Matte Stainless 4" Ported Barrel

Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by AudibleEnforcer, Mar 5, 2012.

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    Like the title states, have a .44 maggie with the factory ported barrel, fixed front (pinned) and adjustable rear sight. Comes with box, lock & keys, 2 SafariLand speedloaders, and possibly some reloading components, depending on the deal.

    Looking for a 9mm or .45 Subcompact or Compact along the lines of a CZ Rami, Sig P225 (p6), EAA Witness (no polymer versions of this one), Walther PPS, XDM9, etc.

    Deal may require cash or extras on your part, depending on what you have. If you have a Kimber Ultra Carry or Pro Carry model, I have a Sig P220r w/ goodies I am willing to put into the deal.

    Trades preferred-
    Cash Price $550 delivered anywhere along the I-5 corridor
    $500 here in Central Oregon.

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