Tactical Tailor Belt and Holster Rig

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    I picked up a box of stuff at the last gunshow I was at. This holster and belt set-up were in it. It is like new, made by Tactical Tailor. The belt is a bit small for me and I don't have a need for the other stuff. Will post links to TT's website for each item on the belt. It is light OD in color, almost a khaki. They list OD and Coyote, but neither seem to match perfectly (hard to match to computer colors). Probably closer to the coyote.

    Duty Belt, Size M (32" to 37")
    Duty Belt

    Tac Holster for Glock 17 (several other similar guns seem to fit as well)
    Tac Holster

    Double Mag Pouch
    Double Pistol Mag Pouch

    Buying new would cost about $130 plus shipping for the kit. I am asking $90 ftf in Bend, or $100 shipped.

    Took a picture for all of you unfamiliar with clicking on links ;)

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