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    There is an upside to this being a members only club. Three primarily come to mind:

    1. Fewer yay-hoos coming out to be Instant Rambo.

    2. Better funding makes for a facility that is kept up properly and even has improvements underway.

    3. Members are more involved in taking care of the place, with the capability of trading work for up to $80.00 in dues credits.

    As my other longer review said, there are separate ranges for Air guns, .22 Rifle, Large Rifle, Bow, and Pistol.

    An outdoor kitchen for events and a new larger Clubhouse that has been moved onto the property are signs that the club is growing and progressing.

    [The Mayor of University Place is not a supporter of the club and recently opposed Club-sponsored zoning changes that the City Council approved anyway. Mayor Linda Bird's term ends in 2009, something I hope U-Place residents remember next year.]

    Members run their own ranges and decide as a group when it's time to change targets. Rules such as stand behind the firing line with actions open and chamber cleared, magazines out during target changes are standard here.

    Facility use is limited to daylight hours, which are going to be at their shortest in a few days. The Member fee of $140 is for one year and comes with a quarterly newsletter subscription and electronic gate access card.

    I found my first visit there to be friendly and probably the least paranoid feeling ranges I've been to (if that makes sense- some places have the aura of scrutiny, tension, and "who are YOU" that is difficult to describe. I didn't get this feeling at the Tacoma Rifle and Revolver Club.
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    I agree with Doc 100% on this one. I had the same experience and all the folks I met there were friendly and respectful. It was nice to hear about the new expansion plans that they have as well.

    Currently the "main" range is 200 yards with 600 yards for competition only events but one of the things that is under discussion is moving the covered bench/range line back another 100 yards which would allow for full-time 300 yard shooting. :thumbup:

    AND plans are in the works for a new 20,000+ three level club house at the front of the property!!

    Once those things are done it'll earn a definite "excellent" rating. :D
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    A clubhouse? I should get back over there again. Was a member a few years back before moving. Loved it and the people were friendly.
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    Good club overall. Several disciplines of competitive shooting available but staff seems less friendly to the match shooters all the time. Members can bring guests to shoot with them. Membership fee is high but you can work some of it off if you like.

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