Tac-Force Tactical Vest

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    Picked up this vest thinking it would work with my galil mags. Not even close.
    Looks like it would work with sub guns like a sub2000 or mp5 etc. Seems like it would work great with 10/22 mags too. 25-30 rounders. Good quality overall, double stitching, solid zipper, good velcro.

    Looking to trade or sell. Value around $50.
    Looking for...

    A vest/rig that will work with galil/Ak mags.

    Gun accessories, need a two point sling, a 3/8" dovetail rear sight (just got a marlin that was missing the rear sight), 10/22 mags, glock 9mm or .40 mags model 19/23 or larger.

    Hiking/ backpacking stuff (dont need pack or tent), but a good 0 degree bag, decent stove, snow shoes, or let me know cause I may not have it yet :)

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