Got this as a trade and thought I would like it. Turns out it's just odd for me as a left-handed shooter to work the bolt, compared a more typical bolt action rifle. It's in quite nice condition with sweet bore (like pretty much all of them). It has the usual dings in the stock. It's as accurate as its reputation suggests and works flawlessly... just awkward for me as a lefty.

So anyways, I'd like to trade it, and am pretty open whatever one may offer. The only thing I'll reject is shotguns, and non-firearm items. Preferences would be for a decent mousegun like the Beretta 21A, or milsurp rifle like a Yugo or Czech Mauser in 8mm Mauser, or maybe to go towards a Tantal (I'd add cash in that case). But I am pretty much willing to hear our any reasonable trade offer. At this point, trade only so no cash price. Location is Hillsboro.
Here's a pic:


For those wondering, the M44 is not for sale/trade, it just happens to be the same pic.


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