Stormlake 1911 threaded barrel Gov 5" stainless $255 new, $175 shipped

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    Barrel was installed in a 1911 but never fired. Price includes ground shipping to lower 48. Below is the config. Paypal OK. Check OK if you are a forum member with over 10 positive, no negative feedbacks. Stormlake and Jarvis barrels are considered the best ones you can buy for a 1911. Quality usually exceeds the original barrel.

    Edit on 8.4.12: Although this is sold by Stormlake as a drop in, no hassles barrel, you need to factor in $50-$100 for a professional gunsmith to adjust the link pin to match up with your 1911. If you are great with 1911s of course you could do it. I just decided polymer pistols as suppressor hosts were easier for me. Just don't think in 90% of the cases you can just drop this in your 1911 and have at it. It isn't that simple, so if it isn't worth $275.00 parts/labor to get it working in your 1911 don't buy this. Or if you are crazy enough to just put this in your 1911 and start shooting, hoping it will work, and it messes up your gun (or you), don't say I didn't warn you. Thanks.



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