WTS/WTT OR Steyr Prohunter 7mm Rem Mag

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    Comes with the SSGO4 stock with adjustable cheek and LOP, and the factory stock.
    Custom made titanium muzzle break
    Three magazines
    20 MOA Tally rail
    Gunsmith tuned trigger
    Scope mounted on it is a NSF 5.5x22x56, but I would like to sell without the scope.
    Shoots great as the targets show, target with caliper is 6 shots, but the gun just doesn't fit me well, I just b too short.
    There is a small chip that came out of the stock when I took the adjustable Cheek piece off trying to get it to fit me better, I glued it back in, but still a bit noticeable as shown in pic. So selling the gun without the scope. ANY INTEREST AT $1400. Really need to sell this. Couple things I may be interested in on a trade or partial trade are:
    nice 10mm 5", not a glock

    but would consider any trade offer.

    IMG_20160119_081248816_HDR.jpg IMG_20160119_081415576_HDR.jpg IMG_20160119_081331120_HDR.jpg IMG_20160119_081155331.jpg IMG_20160115_135321008.jpg IMG_20160115_184124595.jpg
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