WTS/WTT OR Steyr Aug 5.56 ANIB

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    I purchased this rifle new from Steyr last month. It is the latest, current model with all the improvements including the new Veltor receiver, chrome lined barrel etc. It is NOT the earlier A3, SA, etc. without the improvements. I installed a Nue-Trigger, and yes, the difference is AMAZING. It is now smooth with a perfect pull weight for a combat rifle and has no detectable creep. I have fired 27 rounds thru it, just enough to sight in the scope at 150 yards and it shoots approximately 2" groups at that range leaning off the rear fender of my pickup. Steyr sells the A3 M1 with the optic/mount for $2499.00 but I will sell mine for $2000.00 with the Steyr optic/mount. I will include all the accessories listed below for an additional $700.00. That's my cost on the rifle, wholesale on the accessories, scope, rings and mount, and bulk pricing on the ammo, exactly what I paid at LEO pricing.
    Although the balance of this rifle is extraordinary my 77 year old shoulders just cannot pack around nine pound rifles any longer. I would consider taking a lighter weight, quality, piston driven, 16" AR Ruger SR556 or a Sig AR 516 in trade. I also have a use for a Sig M11A1, 9mm, but as they would be for duty use either one or both must be in excellent or better condition please .

    Here are your purchase options:

    Rifle with Steyr Optic (1.5x with built in range finder and mount), Nue-Trigger, (7) extra magazines (total of eight), Assault Systems bullpup case, extra Steyr mount for adding the scope (Red Dot, Holo, Telescopic, etc.) of your choice. See it mounted with the Leupold scope and Sig mount in the photo.

    Add 590 rounds of Israeli (IMI) M855 (62 gr green tip):

    Add the Leupold 2x7 scope, rings and cover (as seen presently mounted in the photo)

    I could also add 780 rounds of Lake City M855 Green Tip

    I am on the Southern Oregon Coast but could drive as far North and East as necessary to meet face to face (private sale) with a legal buyer (ODL or CHL) half way before Aug 9th. I am approximately 4 hours drive from Eugene.

    Thank you,
    Semper Fi
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