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    You are looking at a Star Trek lot personally collected by me over many years. I would like to move the whole lot as a package, but under the right conditions, I will consider breaking it up.

    I am looking for trades only, but would consider appropriate cash deals.

    Desired Trades (at equal, fair market values):
    9mm Luger
    would consider pretty much anything firearm related I think I would use. Please don't hesitate to pitch me your deals. I love trade and barter. Lets make some deals

    1) Mint condition Captain Kirk Hallmark collectible ornament. The box is in fair condition with a dented side. The ornament is prefect and never used.

    2) Original lighted shuttlecraft ornament. There are 2 of these. Neither has ever been plugged in and both are in mint condition. Boxes have minor wear.

    3) Amazing detailed collectors cards. The pictures do not do these cards justice. The artwork on these are absolutely amazing. Includes the full original staff as well as TNG staff.

    4) Mixed card set. Perfect condition. Full sets.

    5) Amazing book. This book is still shrink sealed in its original packaging. I don't know if the book is good or It has never been opened.

    6) Sealed VHS hosted by William Shatner - Star Trek Memories. Never opened.

    7) Autographed photos of the 2 female "doctors" from TNG. I got these personally at a convention many years ago.

    8) Four part collector set of the "Four Captains" TV guide. (Back when the TV Guides were small and actually used). Circa 1996. These are in great condition and never opened. Bought and put away.

    9) Mixed magazine collection from the times of the shows.

    10) Mixed figurines. These are in used condition, but still great to display with all this stuff.

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