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SR9 upgrades and accessories

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by MasterDisaster, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. MasterDisaster

    MasterDisaster Hillsboro, OR Member

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    Thought I'd share some pics and results of my new SR9 purchases.

    Here's the list:

    *Galloway 'Smooth-it' kit #2 (spring replacements and polished plunger)
    *Galloway Stainless Steel guide rod with 20lb recoil spring
    *Ghost Rocket Trigger Bar
    *Blackhawk nylon holster
    *Bianchi 2-mag holster

    I have got to say that I love the change to the trigger pull. The new springs and Ghost bar smooth out the trigger so it has a much more consistent weight through the pull. The pull on the stock parts seemed to get heavier with travel. This is no longer the case. Also, it seems to break much crisper now, and overtravel is next to nothing with the rocket's overtravel tab. Fitting was a pain since I used a metal file to shave down the tab, but well worth the work.

    Took it out today to test the new upgrades, but only had 40 rounds to put through it. Still, no FTF or FTE, it fed ammo fine, and recoil felt a little lighter with the heavier spring, though that could have been my imagination. Nonetheless, love the new feel of the trigger. I cant wait til I put a few hundred more rounds through it.

    Love the new Bianchi mag holster too. I go shooting in a very dry and dusty place and I like having a designated safe place to put my mags so I'm not tempted to set them down anywhere. Oh, and I got another 17 round mag and some decal grip tape, which I really like too.

    Now, the pics!



  2. pokerace

    pokerace Newberg Well-Known Member

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    Why did you go with the Galloway 'Smooth-it' kit #2 Instead of one of the drop in's???

    Tell me about the decal grip tape . where did you get it..
  3. MasterDisaster

    MasterDisaster Hillsboro, OR Member

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    Not sure by what you mean by drop-ins?

    If you mean the drop-in Ghost Ultimate trigger bar, I basically got that with the Ghost Rocket as they are basically the same piece. The Rocket just has a tab built into it that prevents overtravel in the trigger pull. But that tab has to be fitted and the fitting was a time consuming process. However, I like what the Rocket does to the trigger and feel it was worth the time.

    The Smooth-it kit #2 is a spring replacement kit that does not include a new trigger bar. It does include a polished plunger, but I have not installed that yet since I dont have the tools.

    The decal grip tape can be found here along with the Galloway kits and Ghost bars.