Springfield XD9 Subcompact -- all black plus extras

Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by sonata7, Mar 12, 2011.

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  1. sonata7


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    For sale here is my Springfield xd9 subcompact 9mm pistol. I am moving to a place where I can no longer have guns.

    I have owned this since it was new and can show a receipt for this gun if it's a concern. I have taken great care of this gun and have been the original owner of it since 8/19/09 (can show receipt if desired). Dry fire has been done with snap caps (minus a couple dozen or so times during shooting).

    I have shot somewhere between 800-1000 rounds through this gun. It has always been cleaned immediately after each firing session. It has always been cleaned with hoppes elite products and eezox to help prevent rust etc on the outside.

    This is an extremely accurate and amazing weapon. It has only had one fail to feed due to a primer on a cartridge that was all tweaked out of shape from the factory.

    included in this sale:

    - Springfield xd9 subcompact pistol
    - 4x 16 round magazines with the finger grip extension.
    - 1x 13 round magazine (best for concealed carry)
    - 1 azoom 9mm snap cap
    - 1 brush (came with the gun -- never used it)
    - 1 xd gear magazine loader
    - 1 xd gear magazine belt holster (holds 2 mags)
    - 1 xd gear gun belt holster
    - 1 xd gear chamber lock with key (not pictured)
    - 1 springfield gun case

    TERMS -

    Face to face and a simple bill of sale. Please bring valid photo ID for the bill of sale.



    I also have 8 boxes of blazer 115 grain 9mm ammo (50 per box, 400 rds total) for $80.00.
  2. guitarguy

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    PM sent. I will take it.
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