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Springfield 911 woes

I had a problem with my new 911.
I emailed Springfield's Warranty folk and they promptly emailed me back. I did not get all the i's dotted or the T's crossed, even though they only asked for six short lines of info. I thought I had it all in to them correctly on the 13th, they did attempt to email me a RMA on the 14th but for whatever reason I did not get it, so today I called talked with a nice lady and had the RMA in a few minutes.

I will send it tomorrow and include the following information

To Who or Whom it may concern:

I bought my 911 on 04/19/19, it is serial # is xxxxxxxx, I picked it up from the FFL, close to the end of the month.

I did field strip it, cleaned and then re-lubed it.. I shot it on Tuesday May 7, 2019. I fired 72 rounds I used one magazine of PMC 95 Grain FMJ. One magazine of Underwood 90 grain XTP JHP, 24 rounds of Winchester 95 Grain FMJ and 34 rounds of new LAX 102 Grain FMJ.. Every round chambered, fired and was ejected. The gun was accurate. I used the six and seven round Springfield magazines and I successfully tried a Colt Mustang magazine also.

The problem was on firing, each and every round, the slide locked back. On a good note the slide lock release worked well to release the slide. Press the release and the slide stripped and chambered the next round and the gun was then ready to fire again. I would like it better if it worked automatically as advertised.

I tried all the Springfield magazines in my Colt Mustang too, and they repeated automatically, like they should.

I did include the flush fit Springfield magazine.

I will include my contact info too.

The magazines are a little different from my Colt's but they work interchangeably, bet Sig 238's magazines would work too.

I love the 911, except for the problem. It will get better.

Anyway I will post more so the whole RMA is dealt with.
I did get over to FedEx and it went very smooth there. I expect they will have it soon.


Glad to hear they took it back on their dime. Let us know what happens and hopefully they will get it back in full working order. Sadly this does happen at times. No mass manufactured gun Co never lets out a problem. It sucks when you are the one getting one of course. Most important to me is how the Co treats the one who gets a problem. Looking forward to hearing how this goes for you!
Just a thought...
Is your grip interfering with the slide stop causing it to lock open on each shot?
Not insinuating that you are not a competent shooter, but sometimes we are our own worst enemy.
No my right thumb is broken and "Sticks out like a sore thumb" so it can't interfere if it wanted to. No problems with the Mustang which has a very similar layout. I should have tried using my Colt release, too late now.
I have a new Springfield 911 also, a .380, that I have to send back to the mother ship. (They just released a 911 in 9mm.)
I took it to the range last week for the first time and fired a 50 round box of factory ammunition, (FMJ). Twice in that first box of ammunition through the pistol I experienced a 'dead trigger'. The previous round fired normally and the spent case was ejected and the next cartridge was loaded into the chamber as it should, but the trigger was 'dead'. The hammer would not release and fire the cartridge. This happened on the last round in the magazine both times.
Then, of course, when I cleaned it and tried to reassemble the pistol, I screwed up. I pushed the ejector down too hard to get it under the slide and dislodged it from it's normal place and was unable to raise it back up to where it should be. This apparently is not uncommon with these pistols.
I finally got around to emailing Springfield yesterday and had two emails in my inbox this morning, one from Springfield, and one from Fedex. I need to find a suitable box that doesn't say 'Springield Armory' on the top and get it off this week.

I really like this pistol and want it to work for me. I shot it as well as, or better, than any other .380 pistol I've ever owned or shot, including my S&W 380 EZ.
I also have a Sig 938 to compare it to and the Springer has better sights and a more usable thumb safety. I had to contort my grip a little bit to operate the safety on my Sig. Not so on the Springer, so long as I use the pad of my trigger finger to press the trigger. If I tried to use the first joint of my finger, my finger would interfere with flipping the safety down.

That's interesting about the Colt Mustang magazines. I'll have to dig out my Colt Gov't Model .380 mags and see how they fit.
Got a email earlier today
"This email is to inform you that we have received items in your RMA #xxxxxx. If your RMA contained multiple cartons, you may receive this email multiple times.

Please allow 2-4 weeks for processing of your return.

For any necessary return shipments, we will email tracking information as the item(s) ship.

Thank you for choosing Springfield!


Springfield Warranty Repair

Phone: (___) ___-____"

They included a e-mail address, but when I try to copy Win 10 wants to open it.

Anyway they got it so one worry down. Good communication so far.
On it's way back already should be here Monday

"Your items have shipped and a copy of the invoice is attached. Thank you for your business!

Please click on the Tracking # to go to the shipper's web site.
If your email program does not allow clickable links, please copy the link below and paste it into your browser address bar.

Invoice # 4413961"

and the invoice had this info

RP900G $0.00 0 $0.00 CC087294 SER# CC087294 0 0 $0.00
0 $0.00 0 $0.00 380 SLIDE STOP SPRING 1 1PG0042 $0.00
0 $0.00 0 $0.00 MAG 1 1MISCEL $0.00
0 $0.00 SA CASE 1 1MISCEL $0.00 0 $0.00
I may not have gotten all the breaks in the invoice correct, sometimes I hate Windows 10.


Wonder what spring was missing? Never left the factory? Hmmm. Hopefully when it is in your hands you'll get more specific information.
I think there are two different slide stop Springs one for vertical and one or two for the horizontal action, I know the vertical one was in place and at least one (Don't know if correct spring(s)) was in there as I could see spring action. Could be there was supposed to be two or it had the wrong part number.
Well it is BACK. !! They said on the typed invoice that the missing spring was part number PG0042. I loaded the gun with seven Hornady FTX (Just what I had where I was, I favor XTP's for 380) and did a function check. Seems to work, proof in shooting hopefully later this week.
I do not know how it is retained, could be my fault from first takedown to clean the gun. I will be more careful when I next do that.



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