WTS OR Springfield 1903 & Husqvarna M96 Mausers

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    I need to make a few bucks for breathing room here, so I'm putting a couple rifles up for grabs.

    20141124_211353_zpsa93cd237.jpg Sorry don't know why it keeps showing upside down.


    The Springfield 1903 is an amazing shooter, though low serial number, but it doesn't bother me shooting it since I've read the story on low serial numbers vs. high numbers http://m1903.com/03rcvrfail/, and it has been rebarreled Feb 1919. Barrel is excellent condition with great looking lands and grooves. Manufactured 1903, it's a beautiful weapon. I'll include the original nobuck sling. I have two 1903's, which is why this is on the block. I'll let it go for $650.

    The second is a Swedish Husqvarna Mauser in 6.5x55mm Swede. It's and excellent caliber and the rifle is numbers matching and excellent condition. Comes with original sling. I'll let this go for $550.

    I have a second Swedish Husqvarna Mauser in 6.5x55mm Swede, nearly identical in condition to the one above, but it has been drilled and tapped with a Leupold (I think) base and rings, and is ready to fire. Was sporterized when originally purchased (fully functional as is), so it will come complete with all those parts. I have purchased a bunch of parts to convert it back to original configuration while maintaining the scope (like a poor-man's faux sniper). The only missing parts it still needs, should you want it, is the rear sight (the pin and spring are still in place, so only a rear sight with slider will complete it). I also noticed my original trigger housing is missing the mechanism that looks the floorplate in place. I just haven't gotten around to ordering these yet. I'll sell it with everything above including an original sling for $500. If you want a new Leupold 2-7x33mm VX-1 LR duplex (http://www.leupold.com/hunting-shooting/scopes/vx-1-riflescopes/vx-1-2-7x33mm/), I can add that as well for another $220. That will only sell with this rifle. I can get pics of everything if you are interested.

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    i know it sais this was from 2014 lol, but did these ever sell?

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