WTS/WTT WA SPR AR in 6.5 and 556

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    WTS/T SPR AR in 6.5 Grendel and 5.56

    Great gun but I'm trying to free up some cash and my work issued me one so I don't have to use my own any more. I don't have a round count but it's likely around a thousand on the 556 and a few hundred on the Grendel. Quality ammo and no reloads used on both

    White Oak SPR contour bbl 556 upper with correct OPS inc brake and collar. Functions perfectly with my 12th model . Very accurate with a dual charging handle and coated bolt.

    Alexander Arms Shilen barreled 6.5 Grendel AWS upper also with OPS brake and collar for a 12th model ( I have a .30 can so don't enlarge your 556) effortless accuracy with very little recoil.

    The lower is a mixmaster with DPMS lower, Alexander arms bladed trigger which needs to be experienced and a reputable parts kit(I assembled this a while back so I forget what company, it's fine and has been inspected by an armorer) lastly it has a socom stock.

    2400 obro


    I'm also looking for +\- cash or partial trade

    A Mannlicher Schonauer with a butterknife bolt and double set triggers

    Sig 226 Legion SAO

    Walther PPS 40 Gen 1

    Sig MCX in any flavor

    Oddly a TRG or Barrett 98 in 338 LM or 6.5x55

    I can add other rifles optics knives or pistols as well to bring up value.

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