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Sportco Warehouse Sporting Goods

Discussion in 'Washington Reviews' started by Northwest Firearms, Jan 24, 2010.

  1. Northwest Firearms

    Northwest Firearms Pacific Northwest Site Maintenance

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  2. mhadix

    mhadix Tacoma,WA Member

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    they usually don't have time for you
  3. Big P

    Big P Kent east hill New Member

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    big box store (Home Depot) service, good prices on weapons & GP shooting gear. I don't mind going there
  4. turboss

    turboss Puyallup Member

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    I agree, but they do have decent prices.
  5. oasis618

    oasis618 Tacoma, Wa Active Member

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    I've always had good luck there and have purchased 2 handguns from them.
  6. Unicorn

    Unicorn Seatac, WA Member

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    I've found it mostly pretty good. They have a typical turnover in help so they will have their ups and downs. But overall they are a good place to shop. Good selection of knives too.
  7. Redneck_Riot

    Redneck_Riot Lake Stevens, WA Member

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    I rate at very good, bought my first pistol from them and had a great experience. I was a novice and recieved competent professional service, all my questions were answered and I was very pleased with my purchase from Sportco.
  8. AASLTsgt

    AASLTsgt TACOMA Member

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    Honestly, ammo they do have some of the best prices around without a doubt definate plus. As far as accessories from what I have seen they dont just order the popular if they carry a brand IE hogue grips they try to get them all so there is a huge selection. The one down i have to comment about is I own mostly revolvers and the few times i've went in to try and sell or trade they low ball worse than anyone maybe because I look alot younger or maybe because I dont take some of them outta the case and they think im in a pawn for bills situation I'm not sure, but if I walk in and i know my revolver is worth me than 98% of the ones in your case dont offer me 200 dollars.
  9. iPadBob

    iPadBob S.E. King County Member

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    Great guys at he gun counter, not on commision and tell it straight. Have purchased several guns there as they have the best prices on new stuff.
  10. mancat

    mancat Kitsap County Well-Known Member

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    Attentive counter staff, though sometimes a bit busy before they get to you. No problems with their attitude.

    A little high priced on some new firearms, especially military-type rifles. I've had a few good deals from them though.

    Ammo selection is usually decent, with a lot of cheap steel-cased ammo available for close to bulk prices. Since you don't pay shipping on it, it almost evens out. I've stocked up may times here on the way home from work when I knew I might be going to the range the next day.

    Sportco is another store that won't budge on $50 FFL fees. I even spoke to the department manager and he wouldn't budge. My dad & I are members here, have bought several firearms and lots of ammo - didn't matter, still $50.
  11. sidecar

    sidecar Gig Harbor New Member

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    I've been treated pretty good there. Have purchased a few guns from them at reasonable prices. Recently purchased a Cannnon safe from them. Zach was great to deal with. Bought a scratch & dent at a great price. They have a warehouse full of safes.
  12. Sagaba

    Sagaba Federal Way, WA Active Member

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    I bothered them at the counter a lot as a kid (ages 12-17) about all kinds of guns I couldn't own. I don't think I was ever treated badly and shop there sometimes during their tent sales, summer sales, or just when I have a spare 100 bucks to blow. I'd say 4.5/5. I also buy fishing gear/hiking socks/ camp gear etc there besides the obvious.
  13. Robb

    Robb Gig Harbor, WA New Member

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    I stopped into SportCo today trying to kill a little time, not expecting to find too much. I was pleasantly surprised! All of the "common" ammunition was behind the counter with a 1 box/customer limit on any single caliber and 5 boxes total. Prices were very reasonable for this climate; .223 50 ea for $19.99 and the white box of .45 ACP Winchester for $23.99. Lots of things were simply sold out as they are most places and it's not the fault of the retailer. There were several MSR's in stock, a few Colt's for right around 1k, and several Daniel Defense including a DD .300 M4 for $1,500 even, member price. The guys behind the gun counter were kind and helpful and seemed to have more than enough time for me despite the fact I wasn't buying a firearm.

    They were completely out of anything reloading. .22lr. And most poly style pistols (i.e. Glock, XD, M&P, etc) but had several Sig 1911's in stock priced between 8-900.

    Overall I was impressed and believe I'll take a few more trips in there over the coming months and see if it was a fluke, or if this is my new go-to place in Tacoma.