(spf)Samsung Eternity(ATT) and Jabra SP700 Hands Free(clips on visor)

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    I have a samsung phone that I used about 6 months before I broke down and got an iphone. It has little use and had a ZAG screen protector installed before it ever got used so the screen will be minty under it if you decide to remove it. Here is a link for specs
    I have both a car charger and a wall charger for this samsung phone

    I am also selling a Jabra SP700 bluetooth handsfree device. Might help you avoid tickets as of Jan 1st as I believe talking with your phone will not be a NO NO in oregon. Here are some specs

    The Jabra charges through USB and I am including the cable so you can hook it up to any USB port.

    I would like $80 cash for the pair very little use and no contract on the phone. If you need shipping I am sure it can be had for under $10.

    Any questions please ask
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