***SPF*** CZ 75B Stainless (Bellevue, WA)

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    ***The CZ is sold pending a meeting with the buyer.***

    I’ve been bitten by the Hi-Power bug, so I’m looking to sell/trade my stainless 75B to buy another HP...

    I am the original owner of this stainless 75B. The 75B is a safety-equipped, all-steel 9mm handgun. It can be carried hammer-down in DA/SA mode OR it can be carried cocked-and-locked, SA mode like a 1911. I’m not very good about keeping track of my round counts, but I would estimate that this gun has had ~600-700 rounds through it. As with most CZ’s, it has been a flawless shooter, EXCEPT that this gun does not like aluminum cased ammo. Don’t know why...it just doesn’t.

    The gun is in excellent shape. There are are a few very light scuff marks on the sides of the frame. They are almost impossible to photograph, as they are only visible when you hold up the gun to the light. Other than that, there aren’t any scratches or dents; this gun was never carried and was only used for HD/range work.

    Included with the CZ are:
    - The original box
    - OEM rubber grips
    - Two 16-rd magazines
    - Two rubber mag baseplates

    Price: $520 FTF near Bellevue, WA. Prefer to sell/trade with WA CPL holders only. Thanks for your understanding. Shipping FFL to FFL will be $35 extra.

    Trade Options (local only):
    - Browning Hi-Power, preferably a Practical
    - 1911, preferably commander-sized model
    - Marlin .357 lever action rifle
    - Willing to listen to other trade offers, but I'm really only looking for one of the above guns. :)
    - Will add/accept cash or accessories for even trade

    Thanks for looking.


    CZ 75B Stainless:


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