SPF AKs, MAK90,PolyTech SP,Milled National Match MAK91

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    Three AK style rifles.
    First a like new,Square cut,I believe unfired, Norinco MAK90. It has no dents or flaws even worth mentioning. A great one to put away or to convert. $650
    Second is a Polytech SP. These were the last prebans to come in to the country and the ATF seized them. Kengs sued and got them released, BUT, part of the deal was that they had to neuter them to come into compliance with the new laws. These are NOT MAK 90s. The only mark on them to indicate they are not preban is the SP. They even have threaded barrels, although the barrel nut is tack welded in place. These have the spring loaded firing pins usually only found in the best Polytech AKMs. Somebody has apparently converted this, because the ones I've seen before all had black plastic furniture. I will ship it with an USA magazine and US trigger group to be sure. The Chines trigger group will be sent also. It appears to only have had very light use. The one flaw is some rust speckling on one side of the dust cover. If that bothers you, you can still get new replacements covers from Polytech for about $30. Price $750
    Third is a MAK 91 with Iron wood furniture. This is a milled, post-ban Polytech Legend National Match. These were designed to be a more accurate AK to appeal to the American taste in rifles. With their 20' chrome lined barrel and milled receiver, they are the most accurate Chines AKM. This one can be yours for $950....Please PM questions,if you need more pics, send me your e-mail and tell me what you want to see. The only trades I will consider at this time are Really cool AK rifles or stuff, .308 ammo. A long range 308 like a Remington 5R, maybe large revolvers,(BFR, Redhawk 44 mag. ect.) and cool military rifles.
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