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Discussion in 'Business Discussion & Reviews' started by shibbershabber, Oct 31, 2015.

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    Ive done business with them for years. Never really had much to say about it over the years.

    I want to bubblegum about my latest deal though.

    I picked up a Polish P-83 (Polish cousin to the original Mak)

    The price was good... but it was the hidden things that bugged me + the gun

    Anyhow, the gun was advertised with free shipping, as long as you added it to the comments box during your checkout.

    No problem

    so I get my confirmation emails and wait...

    then I get new emails telling me that my order had been cancelled and redone. So I check it out and I have a shipping charge listed... not much, but its there.

    I call and am told that, first off, they commonly cancel and rewrite orders since their website cant calculate shipping or adjust for the CC fee.

    would have been nice to know that, just for transparency.

    THEN Im told that the shipping was actually free and that Im being charged for handling and insurance...

    Really? Free shipping is actually shared shipping?

    Again, NOWHERE on the website does it say that. No transparency.

    Finally I get the gun and it seems to have a lot more wear that I expected for a gun advertised as "VG to Excellent" Nearly every sharp edge is worn and the muzzle is bare in most areas.

    Again, the website doesnt allude to how they grade their firearms.

    Its not worth shipping it back and paying for return shipping and xfer fee for another roll of the dice so Im just going to have to deal with it.
    I really shouldnt bubblegum about a <$300 gun. I just expected more. And if I spent the time and money to correct it, I may as well have just sprung for a bulgy Mak from AIM in the first place.

    Id say always order over the phone with them and get clarification of the details first. And probably pay the handpick! Which I would have gladly done if Id known that I could get a gun this worn.
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    Sounds like a place I just wouldn't do business with again! Doesn't sound like you really saved anything?
    Aim has always treated me well and I think there prices are fair!!

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    Their surprise shipping cost was $35 for a handgun and $26 for a long gun for me. I dont really like surprise shipping costs

    Also, you really dont want to order anything that isnt C&R. I tried once. I put in my FFL info and let the FFL know, I was charged for the purchase. SOG then proceeded to send a dealer application to my FFL. It was a 10 page legal document with terms like the dealer having to provide warranty for the purchase. I felt bad wasting the FFL's time and cancelled that order

    They really need to be much more clear on their site that even though you can create an account and pay for a firearm, you really cant get it unless you are a contracted dealer ordering (or C&R)

    does not matter much to me anymore since I cant use my C&R in Oregon.
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    VG - Excellent for a surplus MIl / LE issued firearm.
    Is alot different than unissued or a used civilian gun for grading.

    Most military guns are VG -Excellent if they are all there, FIRE when you pull the trigger and don't have rust.

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