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    Pretty much everything you need to start reloading except the components!

    For sale: one lightly used Dillon RL550B reloader complete and operational. Comes with primer tubes, Dillon cordura cover, tools, owners manual,and a few extra parts... basically everything that came with it new.

    This Reloader has been lightly used. Everything is in excellent condition,works as it should, and the unit is complete. I'd like to sell as a one price takes all SOLD.

    (3) Dillon conversion kits 9mm, .45acp, and .44 Magnum
    (3) Dillon Pistol die sets 9mm, .45acp, and .44 magnum
    (3) Dillon toolheads
    (2) Dillon toolhead stands
    (2) Dillon powder measures
    (2) Dillon finished round counters
    (1) Dillon 'Eliminator' balance beam scale
    (1) Dillon primer flip-tray (BRASS!)
    (5) Dillon Akro-bins for holding components
    (10) or so miscellaneous ammo boxes that hold 50 or 100 rounds
    (1) Frankfort Arsenal vibratory brass cleaner
    (1) hammer type Kinetic bullet puller.
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