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    I have for sale one Knights Armament Company M4 Rail Adapter System. Brand new, never mounted, only removed from the box for an inventory and photo. New retail for these is $350.

    My asking price is $250. I may be interested in a trade for the right item, but I'm primarily attempting to convert something I cannot use into something I can, which means cash. Still, if you have a trade offer to make, the worst I can say is "no thanks."

    Included is everything you see in the picture. The two piece drop-in rail system, 4 full length rail covers, and assorted short sections, along with the rail wallet and a vertical foregrip.

    I received this item from a friend of mine who is serving and received the item from his platoon sergeant as an amnesty item (which makes it legally his property). Having no use for it for himself or anyone in his unit, and knowing I have a carbine AR-15, he gifted it to me. The reason I go into this much detail about the item's history is because it is clearly a military issue item, based on the packaging, and I don't want anyone to feel I'm hiding anything or feel the item was misrepresented. Unfortunately, my rifle is a midlength, so I'll need to turn this into something I can actually use.

    Thanks for looking.

    KAC Rail.jpg
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