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    Century marked lower, made by Olympic Arms, DMPS LPK, only a few hundred rounds fired. Sold my upper with the intention of buying a different one but I just haven't gotten exited over AR's. Comes with 4 new and unwrapped C-Products 30rd. stainless mags w/orange followers and 2 20rd aluminum mags with green follower. Also includes 120 rounds of factory ammo and 100-150 cleaned/tumbled brass. Asking $300 for everything, not willing to part out at this time. Also interested in trades. Willing to add cash to trades. DL and CPL required.

    Trade interests:

    WASR w/wood furniture
    Lever guns
    .357 w/adjustable sights, would consider .38's also
    9mm, not particular on make
    .45 auto, not particular on make
    Makarov(Surplus not Commercial), 9mm Tokarev, CZ82, other combloc handguns WWII-Cold War
    Or? Open to interesting trades
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