SOLD - Tikka T3 CTR Scout Stock & Tikka T3 Varmint Stock

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    One Tikka CTR Scout Synthetic Stock with Trigger/Magazine Housing – (3 sling swivel points)


    One Tikka Varmint Synthetic Stock with Trigger/Magazine Housing – (2 sling swivel points)


    The only reason I am selling these stocks is because the barreled actions have made their way into chassis type stocks, and I'm trying to recoup some of that expense. As the pics show, they are in excellent condition. What you see in the pics is the actual stocks as well as what you get.

    Common Features:
    Both stocks are made of glass-fiber reinforced copolymer polypropylene, as well as an ambidextrous palm swell, built-in cheek rest, and extra wide forend. Additionally, BOTH stocks have forend swivels are manufactured long enough so that a bipod can be attached to them (such as a Harris Bipod).

    CTR Scout Stock Additional Features:
    The CTR Scout features sling swivel mounts that can be moved from the bottom of the stock to the horizontal side of the stock., so when a tactical sling is utilized, the rifle can be slung securely against your back.

    Tactical Swivel Studs and Sling (as well as other accessories) are available at the following link:

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    These stocks are perfect if you have a Tikka T3 that currently wears a wood stock , and you don't want to chance getting it damaged while hunting.

    They are also great for a guy that owns a T3, and he wants to buy some extra stocks to paint in Desert and Woodland Colors.

    Two Allen bolts hold the T3 action in the stock – so stock changes are quick and easy!

    The Tikka T3 uses the same length action across the board (the only thing Tikka changes is the bolt stop) for small, medium, and large cartridge lengths (223/308/30-06) so any T3 barreled action will fit in these stocks!

    NOTE: These stocks are NOT offered by Beretta USA on their website – so the only way to obtain one is when an owner offers them up on the classifieds!

    Price, Terms and Conditions:

    Will Trade for Tikka T3 Magazines in .223 OR .308 OR Mags/Cash - Wadda' ya' got?

    $145 for the CTR Scout SHIPPED USPS/Delivery Confirmation - CONUS

    $135 for the Varmint SHIPPED USPS/Delivery Confirmation - CONUS

    $260 for BOTH - SHIPPED USPS/Delivery Confirmation - CONUS

    First “I'll Take It” to thread,
    followed up with a PM for Payment Details or else the item will be considered still available for sale.

    Payment ONLY via Discreet/Gift PayPal

    Cross Posted To so Time Stamp Rule Applies!

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    Will either of these stocks fit a Tikka T3 in 7mm Rem Magnum?
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