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    I purchased a 7mm Mag rifle a while back and got a bunch of relaoding stuff with it and I don't need it.

    RCBS 2-pc Die set

    85 Pcs of once fired/tumbled brass

    40 ea. Remington Premier 150 gr. Accutip Tip Boat Tail
    20 ea. Speer 140 gr. SP
    90 ea. Speer 145 gr. Boat Tail
    90 ea. Sierra GameKing 165 gr. Hollow point Boat Tail

    There is also 31 hand loaded rounds that I did not load that I will throw in if someone wants them. Obviously I strongly recommend pulling the bullets and reloading them yourself. They come in 2 plastic 20 round ammo boxes.

    $75 for everything
    Trade: REASONABLY priced ammo .22lr, .223, .38spl, .357mag, .44 mag, .284, 38-55
    Located in Kitsap County
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