WTS/WTT WA SOLD - SOLD I.W.I - Magnum Research Desert Eagle II 40 S&W 4.52" Barrel 13-15 RND 550.00 OBO

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    SOLD SOLD SOLD: Magnum Research Desert Eagle II (Baby Eagle II) W/ 4.52" barrel & 13 rnd capacity Nothing 'baby' about it though!
    I bought this weapon last summer 2013 and REALLY love this one but I also REALLY need to sell one of my Handguns as I on a whim bought a new 1911 which is my preferance as I am very familiar w/ the 1911 from my yrs in the Army. desert magnum 010.JPG
    This is the full steel .40 Eagle of course and a VERY solid weapon! It has been Cera-Coated Field Dark Earth with matte Steel Black fittings (see attached photos).
    I had it coated/Painted just to add a unique look to it, and make it less of a 'stand out' in the field w/its 'Coyote'
    riggers belt & drop leg holster. Holster can accomodate weapon w/rail mounted tac light/laser.
    Holsters, Gun Belts @ Stream Light/Laser available as package deal, see prices below
    It comes w/ all new box items, 2 standard mag's (12+1) & 2 +2 mags (14+1). Various ammo both target & carry/combat types available to in an agreed package buy.
    Do feel free to contact me w/ additional questions etc.
    I.W.I - Magnum Research Desert Eagle II W/4.52" barrel & 12+1 rnd capacity & 2 +2 (14+1) mags: $550.00 OBO
    Above items w/ Drop Leg Holster Rig (Coyote or Black): $600.00 OBO
    All Above items w/ Rail Mounted Stream Light TLR-4 Laser+Tac Light: $720.00 OBO
    Above items w/Ammo selection: $775.00 OBO
    Offers Welcome!!! possible trade for Compact .40 or .45 Auto

    IWI .40 Desert Eagle 004.JPG

    IWI .40 Desert Eagle 006.JPG

    IWI .40 Desert Eagle+TLR4.JPG

    desert magnum 014.JPG

    desert magnum 013.JPG
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