Sold - Sig P239 9mm TO TRADE

Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by shango72, Aug 22, 2011.

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  1. shango72

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    Got the Sig in another trade. After handling the gun for a few days its not growing on me like I had hoped. I keep going back to Glocks. Previous owner was original owner and said he put about 300 through the gun. It is in great shape inside and out so i would have no reason to doubt him, plus he was another stand up member with a 100% feedback. Comes with everything pictured. Looking for a Gen 3 or 4 19/23/26/27 or maybe other cal. in same size models. Unless your gun has night sights im gonna value it at about $450 Gen 4 a little more. Night sights and extra mags a big plus and adds to the trade value. Not looking to get rich off the deal but I want a fair trade or +cash. Also your gun will need original box and stuff it came with. Your welcome to throw other offers out there but dont take offense if im not interested you just never know what will catch someones eye.

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  2. bogeycentral

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    Tempted to buy a glock just to trade..
  3. nubus

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