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    Upper is LNIB in perfect condition not even a scratch!

    • $825 with BCG
    • $700 without -or trade
    • $300 for just the barrel and flash hider
    • $1325 for complete rifle obo or trade

    Upper parts list
    • BCM upper
    • Daniel Defense 16" 300 BLK S2W Carbine CHF Barrel
    • Troy 15" Alpha modular free float rail system
    • Advanced Armament Co (AAC) Brakeout Flash Hider Muzzle Brake 51-Tooth Ratchet Suppressor Mount
    • Charging handle
    • BCM M16 BCG
    Lower parts list

    • Bushmaster XM15-E2S Lower
    • FAB AG-43 Grip with storage compartment
    • Magpul PRS (was traded and is no longer on the lower)
    • A2 fixed stock
    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg

    (The .300 AAC Blackout was designed to give the M4 platform increased power and penetration on intermediate barriers with minimal recoil while retaining the 30-round magazine capacity. It provides excellent terminal performance and accuracy when run suppressed with subsonic or standard ammunition.

    The .300 blackout uses the same mags, BCG, lower, and upper parts as a standard AR15, literally the only thing you have to change to convert a standard AR15 to a .300 blackout is change out your barrel.)


    Barrel Length 16"
    Manuf. Process Cold Hammer Forged
    Twist Rate 1:8
    Muzzle Thread. 5⁄8×24 TPI (Threads Per Inch)
    Material Chrome Moly Vanadium
    Outside Finish Salt Bath Nitride
    Diameter At Gas Port .750″
    Barrel Extension A4
    Profile S2W® [Strength 2 Weight]
    Gas System Carbine Length
    Barrel Caliber 300 BLK
    Manufacturer Daniel Defense

    Rail System-

    Building off of the patented TRX Extreme design that revolutionized rail-based handguards, the Alpha Rail® utilizes a new, low-profile locking mechanism and affords unparalleled strength and stability.

    Machined from hardened aircraft aluminum with stainless steel components.
    Finished in MIL-SPEC hardcoat anodizing.
    Works with standard AR15/M16 barrel nut

    Flash Hider-

    The AAC Brakeout Flash Hider Muzzle Brake combines the best features of AAC's Blackout flash hiders and Blackout muzzle brakes into a single, high performing unit. The Breakout's rear muzzle brake chamber is open on both sides and on the top for reduced perceived recoil & muzzle rise, yet closed on the bottom for minimal environmental disturbance when shooting from the bench or prone positions. The 3-prong front end incorporates elements of the Blackout flash hider's effective design to minimize muzzle flash. All Breakout flash hider muzzle brakes are machined from high strength aerospace 17-4 stainless steel alloy and coated in a hard, durable, corrosion resistant SCARmor finish.

    This 51T Brakeout works in conjunction with AAC's improved ratchet mount sound suppressors. The 51-T mount is an intuitive, lightning fast silencer attachment/detachment system that allows for secure installation of a suppressor in less than 3 seconds with no tools or moving parts. Not compatible with the older spring mount (18-Tooth) or newer ratchet taper mount (90-Tooth) sound suppressors.

    Caliber: 30 Cal/7.62mm (Also 6.8 and 6.5mm)
    Thread Pitch: 5/8"-24
    Finish: SCARmor
    Silencer Mount: 51T Ratchet Mount

    AAC Silencer Compatibility:
    6.8 SPC M4-2000
    Post-Mid 2010 7.62-SD
    Mini 7

    Will trade the upper for:

    Looking for a 14.5 or 16 BCM, Noveske, PSA CHF (plus cash), etc. 5.56 with a full length free float Rail or key mod rail system or similar, with a CTR, STR, or a ACS stock.
    • AR pistol
    • Complete PSA AR or other similar complete low end AR plus cash
    • Oh and I would consider an ar pistol lower plus cash
    I would also consider trading for:

    (I would expect these to be BNIB/LNIB or cash on top)

    H&K USP Tactical 9mm
    H&K USP Compact Tactical 9mm
    H&K USP 9mm
    H&K USP Compact 9mm
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