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SOLD 7.62 X 51 and 308 ammo at better prices, as always.

Discussion in 'Ammunition Classifieds' started by lcb97269, Mar 14, 2013.

  1. lcb97269

    lcb97269 Milwaukie, OR Life Member Lifetime Supporter

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    As always, it was priced to sell fast and it did.

    Rem 180 Core-lokt soft point, 10 rounds, $7.

    9 boxes Radway Green, made in 84 and 85, 180 rnds for $100.

    2 boxes plus 1 round CBC, Brazil, made in 79, 41 rnds for $21.

    1 1/2 boxes Chilean made in 78, 30 rnds $16, the most accurate in my opinion, but I am keeping the others 9 boxes because they fit in the ammo can with the rest I am keeping.

    39 rnds S&B, 1 full box and 19 in box, 150 gr soft point, for $22.

    All except the Rem is not reloadable.

    All 300 rnds for $160. If you can buy cheaper then I recommend that you do so.


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  2. dehamma

    dehamma portland Member

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    PM sent
  3. Chipperxd

    Chipperxd Buffalo Active Member

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    dang too bad you are in Oregon. would have taken this. GLWS it will def. go quickly.
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