Smith & Wesson 5904 9mm SPF SPF SPF

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  1. .45's and .38's

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    This is a great gun with a very low round count. Less than 200 rounds fired. The gun is in great condition & it has a very nice safety decocking feature.

    Info on the handgun
    S&W Model 5904 Semi Auto 9mm Pistol-------4" Barrel
    Double Action /Single Action with Decocker Safety
    All Blued Pistol with Stainless steel Barrel
    S&W Factory Grips. Great Condition
    Rounded Trigger Guard.....Im pretty sure this is the newer model, older models have squared guards
    The pistol has an ambi safety and and a white dot rear sight (Novac)
    I added a little sight paint to this pistol. I do this to most of my 3 dot pistols. Pistol can get on target a lot faster now. (bright Orange) front only
    Fixed Sights
    Pistol comes with (1) 10 RD magazine & (1) 15 RD magazine. Stainless magazine's

    Trades That I am interested in
    Sig Sauer P6....Draco AK 47 Pistol......Used 2nd Generation Glock Handgun......
    Used XD handgun......Used RIA 1911.... .22LR Handgun with red dot reflex sight......AK47 or AK 74 rifle......Cetme Rifle.....Maybe a GSG-5 Handgun or rifle.....LCP+ cash.........Kel Tec + cash

    I can add cash for the right trade
    Cash Price is $375.00 :D:D GREAT DEAL

    F2F in Portland/Gresham/Oregon City ONLY
    Bill of Sale will be signed by both parties & I must see OR Identification
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    interested...... PM sent with questions.
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