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Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by SONofSaw, May 3, 2012.

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    I am selling my S & W 500 .50 caliber mag. Approximately 1 box of rounds put through. Moving on to another .50 cal project. I want a semi. auto. Sooo freeing up funds. Big blue case, gun, polishing towel, instruction manual, and original smith wax paper. Probably 9 out of 10 but I'm anal and will give it a 8.33 because fired and handled. I want $825 ftf.

    Valid Id and Bill of sale will be necessary. I am not big into trades because I like new guns but I am also looking for a pistol for a suppressor. I am putting a suppressed setup together too. I have xd9's and plenty of other revolvers so those are out of the question. Glocks are not my favorite because of hand fit, but if its BA I may consider. I am keen on HK pistols, target 22's i.e. classic ruger or smith target pistols. Please nothing I can buy today at the warehouse unless its a screaming deal. Sorry.

    Threaded preferred unless nice target setup. Please no ignorant offers. Stamp in the mail anyway and as everyone knows.... 6 MONTHS+.

    Get it before you can't. The stamp that is. You can buy 500's for 1050 and up. :)

    Support your local hop farmer!

    Hope this works.



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