WTS/WTT OR Small trailer starter kit

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    I had saved these items intending to build a small trailer but will probably never get around to it. The frame is the front half of an old HF 4'x8' folding trailer. The axle is from a Nissan Sentra complete with trailing arms, mounting brackets, and panhard assy. The hubs spin smoothly and quietly.
    It's not welded together. My plan was to use coil springs, add a tongue and rails for 2 motorcycles. I guess you can finish it any way you see fit; quad, cargo, motorcycle, bugout, lawn mower, mobility scooter, teardrop, kayak, scrap, yard debris, whatever.

    $50 would make me happy but I wouldn't turn down some factory .380, 9, 54R, .223/5.56, non-cor 7.62, 12ga slugs or 00, pmags, 80% or stripped lower, other cool stuff.
    Located in Hillsboro near Corn Pass and Baseline.
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