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    Looking for Apmex, Buffalo, Commemorative, or other coins such as Philharmonics, Eagles, etc.

    Will beat what a pawn shop will pay or most individuals. All cash, no BS. Buyer has 3200+ Ebay 100% feedback. Honest individual, not a scammer like A LOT of the people on CL.

    Not interested in 5-10 coins, minimum purchase 50 ounces please.

    Send a pic of what you have and what you want. Please go to Apmex or other sites to see what dealers will offer you so your expectations are in line.

    When the Republican review of the possibility of returning to gold standard is trashed/shelved, the price of PMs will retreated a bit. Now is the time to unload a bit and let daddy take that awful crap off your hands :).

    Thank you.


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