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Not really something you see every day. 1947 built HD Military that was built into a target gun a LONG time ago . Tightened slide with rail inserts and reworked 2 lb trigger with factory overtravel stop. It was kept in a drawer for 50 years. Unfortunately the guy who did the original work also hammered on a compensator and drilled the barrel for a set screw or it would have been a good 98% gun. So since the damage had been done already I had the barrel machined to 1/2" OD back to 4 inches and threaded 1/2x28 to 1/2" past the receiver. Then Liberty Suppressors built a custom .920" OD integral silencer using a shoofly core. The shoofly is one of the top rated .22 silencers on the market and has metered better than any other 22 silencer in independent testing. Todd Kuntz in Salem OR did the barrel work and installed the tritium front sight. I replaced the non original grips with custom polished black horn grips from Klamath River gun works. 5 factory High Standard Mags ( try to find those for sale anywhere ) and a custom Battlecloth holster with spare mag and paperwork holder. All springs replaced . Trigger shoe. Phenomenal gun. Yes. It requires a $200 tax stamp and can be transferred directly to Washington residents on a form 4 and I can help by supplying a copy of quicken willmaker to draft a trust up for a revocable living trust NFA transfer to avoid the sheriff's signature and all that other ridiculous stuff if you are in a county where the sheriff is a blithering idiot like my sheriff is. This gun is reliable, beautiful , accurate and most of all dead quiet . Its hard to take a good set of pics as its so polished and black that it doesnt photograph well but I can try if you like or you can see it in person. Trades of value ~$1200 considered . Think outside the box on possible trades. Ive really got enough guns.

YouTube - Hi Standard H-D Military Liberty suppressor shoofly CCI Minimags

Kent, WA
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