Sig Sauer Scorpion

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    Transaction must take place in King or Snohomish County in WA. Will not do long-distance transactions.

    Very good condition with very few rounds through it (<200). Never carried or holstered. Stainless barrel, .45acp of course, Siglite night sights, rail, ambi safety, very smooth shooter. 2 CM mags, 1 of which is a 10-rounder

    Also have a Maadi AK listed in the military-style rifles section I can add to trade for something more expensive.

    Primarily interested in a few particular trades:
    -Semiauto military-style rifles. Preferably factory-built and in good condition. As far as ARs go, I'm not interested in poly lowers and prefer the the rifle comes with a pinned fsb and included quality rear sight. Interested in 5.56, 7.62x39, .308, and .30-06 calibers.
    -As far as AKs go, I'm really only interested in trading for Arsenals or other higher-end ones.
    -Sig 1911 Scorpion Carry, other commander-sized 1911s of the same "tier," Colts, S&W E-series scandium frame, others...
    -Might also be interested in CZ's metal-framed pistols
    -Open to other offers, but those are what I'm primarily looking for.


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    Is that a hard no on shipping to Georgia?

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