Sig 556 SWAT Patrol vs SWAT Classic, pro's and con's?

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by Bellehood, Dec 7, 2011.

  1. Bellehood

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    I'm considering purchasing a Sig 556 SWAT (or one of the newer piston AR's), and I am wondering if any of you who have experience with the 556 system, have a preference between the "patrol" and "classic" designs?

    I have been doing a fair bit of research, and it has me leaning towards the Patrol model. The pro's seem to be; lighter rifle, not front heavy like the classic, without a significant change in weapon characteristics. The only con I have heard of, is the supposed "increased wear and tear of a shorter system". That said, I have heard the same thing said in the carbine vs mid-length AR debate, that carbine length gas system will result in shorter lifespan of the rifle as a whole. I find that hard to believe, as every carbine length M4 I've seen and used in the Army have been shot-to-sh**, and don't seem to be the worse for it.

    Thanks for your input guys!

    P.S. I could care less if you think "DI IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN PISTON, NO NEED TO CHANGE". I don't care. I'm tired of my DI M4, I have no desire to own one, I finally have the want to even own a rifle chambered in 5.56, but I want something different.
  2. Nwcid

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    Well for me the good and bad is that it is not an AR. They are a great designed gun and are very capable guns. Lots of people love them and I wanted to love mine but never could. I needed a few bucks and never shot my 556 so it got sold since I have several AR's. Then the 522 came out and I thought great I need one of those. I bought one and put about a 1000 rds though it. Again I like the gun and it was great but every time I picked it up it did not feel right.

    So for me I like the feel of the AR's better then the Sig but the Sigs are good guns.
  3. DinhRose

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    I had a classic version and it's on the heavier side in comparison to an AR. Great gun and very reliable. Plus there's the unique aspect of having as opposed to seeing an ar15 all the time.
  4. das_napeth

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    It depends how much you like the aftermarket selection of the AR. The Sig will never come close to that. I love my Sig Patrol but find that it and my AR's both take a back seat to my MSAR. If you want to shoot a Patrol let me know and come up to Snohomish.

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