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    Hell all,

    I'm Rodney. My wife and I are CCL pistol and revolver owners. We live in South East Portland, about two miles east from 205. And we love the gun club we have recently joined. But they don't allow mags, don't have air conditioning, and all targets are at 50 feet. In the winter, it will be more of a blessing, and it's nice to have it in town. But we'd like to find somewhere outside where we can shoot our .357's as they are intended. I'm a minister by vocation, but a factory worker by employment. I'm also going to be getting into re-loading and probably casting. .38 aren't cheap. Not a rich guy, so that $0.30 a round makes going to the range more expensive than to the movies; and I don't normally go to the movies (although I will go for something cool like the LOTR or Narnia, etc.). And there isn't a point to CC unless you have good shot placement. And I, frankly, am a terrible shot. I hit the paper at 50 feet, but that's about it. I grew up in an NRA Gun Safety hunting family. Got my hunters safety training at 10. Got out of shooting when I got into college. Got my NRA CCL training about 12 years ago and we got our CCLs. We weren't into shooting much back then however. Just wanted that CCL and exorcise our rights while we still have them. We started back into shooting again in July after I got my wife her birthday present. I shoot her birthday present more than she does. I got it for her to CC as this part of town has gone to the dogs.

    Without getting political, we're probably going to be loosing our gun rights after the next election and I want to be prepared. Not being cynical, just being realistic. It will start as a ban or tax on ammo and go downhill from there. All the more reason to get into reloading and casting now while I can.

    Anyway, if anyone knows of a good place to shoot in the area, say within 30 miles or so from SE PDX, that would be awsome!


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    Check Tri-County Gun Club. There are several options you can choose from. All but one range are outdoors but pistol and rifle ranges are roofed. They have "action ranges" but you need to get certified. Just click here and/or ask around. Membership is $170/yr, with a $225 one time fee. 357Mag and bigger cal are welcome.
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    One other is over in Vancouver - English Pit. ~$17 for the entire day (you can even leave for lunch and come back later). No memberships available, just day passes.

    The ranges:
    Centerfire Rifle
    100, 50 & 25 yd

    Rimfire Rifle
    50 yd

    25 yd

    And the Pistol range you can set up the target stands fairly close to 21 feet if you want. It is down in an old gravel pit, so it is a bit of exercise going in and out. But you can shoot your own reloads, no AK Pistols or .50 cal BMG, but you can do AK's, AR's and even Mosins. You can shoot a shotgun but only on one side of the 50 yard Rimfire range and only using birdshot - no buckshot or slugs. They have cheap targets for sale as well. And they rent guns if you want to try out any that they have (you have to arrange for that at least a day in advance as they don't store them there).

    Clark County Gun Club, Inc. at English Pit

    I find it a good place to go when I can't go up to Memaloose and I want more flexibilty than Johnson Creek Gun Club lets me have (including the rifles).
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    Welcome to the site :)
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    Hey Rodney,

    Just a side note, the Johnson Creek Gun Club is finally getting air conditioning next spring.


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