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SGW Bullpup SKS

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by Insinnuendo, Jan 20, 2014.

  1. Insinnuendo

    Insinnuendo Seattle New Member

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    I have a 1977 Norinco SKS (standard 20" barrel) that has been transplanted into a Shernic Gun Works bullpup stock kit (I had to wait 3 months for delivery after I ordered it). Great balance, excellent steadying & compact. Trigger feel is surprisingly good - uses a pivoting pull-cable instead of the flimsy trigger bar that gives bullpup conversions a bad name.

    I've shot a few hundred rounds with this setup without issue. Accurate & steady even when held single-handed. A versatile firearm. 922(r) compliant, unlike most SKS.

    Comes With:
    -440rds of assorted HP and FMJ 7.62x39 ammo
    -2 Tapco 20round magazines
    -Multi-position foregrip
    -Foregrip triggered tactical flashlight & laser
    -1x Red/Green/Blue Dot sight
    -Bipod, mounts to bayonet lug
    -Muzzle brake (not installed)
    -Aftermarket gas tube w/ separate picatinny rail
    -SGW tri-rail & extended mag release

    Original Norinco extras:
    -Gas tube w/ wooden cover
    -10round magazine
    -Rear sight

    Will need to see CPL & WA State ID, and I will be completing a BoS for my records.

    Price is $900 for everything listed above - I'm not making any money on this. I can itemize my cost for everything in a PM if you want, but I didn't here because I find it tedious when sellers do this in their ads.

    Located in Seattle, though I make frequent trips down to Tacoma.

    Trade Info:
    I might be interested in trading for an entry-level 1911 (i.e. ~$400 Armscor/RIA or Metro/American Classic), or maybe a Glock 27/30/36 + cash. Let me know what you have to offer, and I'll give it some thought.

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  2. Insinnuendo

    Insinnuendo Seattle New Member

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    Price dropped to expedite a sale. Bore on the rifle is clean & shiny, which is better than i can say about some other SKS's I have seen lately.
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