SEALED Spam Can 7.62x39 Yugo 1260 rds $700 OBO 7.62 x 39

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    For SALE: a factory-sealed case of 1260 rounds of Yugoslavian surplus brass-cased ammo. This ammunition is high-quality and factory-sealed for long-term storage. It is in its original spam can, inside its original wooden case that is still sealed with metal buttons.

    As Oneharmonic said in the thread "7.62x39" --

    "Yugo M67, brass cased, berdan primed, some of the best surplus 7.62x39 ever made."

    This is the same ammo -- in the original can, sealed airtight for longterm storage -- packed in boxes of 15 each inside the sealed case.

    Since the United Nations resolution on arms trade earlier this year, further importation of this ammunition is prohibited. There will be no more of this high-quality, sealed-for-longterm-storage ammunition for your AK-47/SKS imported to the US, ever.

    We'd like to sell this before Christmas. If $700 seems too high to you, please feel free to PM me an offer. We'll take the best offer we get before midnight Monday, December 23rd.

    Portland OR or Vancouver WA only; no shipping fees or hassle, please.

    -- Paravani
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    Did you sell it before Christmas ?

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