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savage axis 7mm-08

just bought this rifle and was going to reload my own ammo but i have run into a question that i cant find a simple answer too...

brand new savage axis 7mm-08
brass- lc .308 rsized to 7mm-08
bullet- speer 130gr 7mm

book says overall length sould be 2.800"

wheen i chamber a dummy round at 2.800 is locks up the bolt and wont close

so i got the bolt to close and remessured the overall length and its at 2.690

that 0.11' shorter then what the book said it should be..

the question
with me reloading my own ammo and starting with a minum load and using the info i have should this be safe?

thank you
In general, if you're working up, begin at minimum loading -10% for safety.
Savage actions, the Axis included, have weak extractors, and will definitely lock up if you have a load that is too stout. You'll get a heavy bolt lift first.

Couple of things:
  • Please post a picture of the loaded round as it compressed in order to load.
  • 2.800 is a standard round OAL based on a specific bullet design. If your Speer is a PSP flat base, or something like that, the ogive is too fat for the chamber throat, thus getting in the way of chambering it, which is why you pushed it back anyway.
  • If it is a PSP, in my experience, they shoot better with >20 mil jump. YMMV
  • Is the LC actually 308 Win or is it 7.62? If it's 7.62, necking down the case will result in necks that are 1-2 mils too thick, i.e. they will get stuck trying to chamber them. I wound up turning a bunch of my cases in order to get them to work.
  • I had enough of the above problem that I invested in a Wilson chamber checker for the formed brass and loaded round. I'm through all the ones that wouldn't conform, but still use it because I run my AR10 in 7mm-08.
  • Boxes of PPU ammo in 7-08 are cheap and provide lots of boxer brass.
  • If you ever want to get *really* nice brass, Peterson Rifle Brass is the cat's meow. They have very good sales now and then.
sorry yes the brass is 7.62 (.308)
with out the bullet the case chambers and bolt locks with no problem.
but with the bullet it wants to be at 2.690 other wise it locks up..

with that siad and starting with a min load and working up would you still feel this is safe.. thanks

As mentioned, it sounds like your bullet profile may be different enough that you'll need to load it shorter in order to clear the lands. Savage actions have been known to have shorter leades than other manufacturers. Chances are, it's a fatter bullet towards the ogive.
thank you ill make up a couple diffrent dummy loads and see if that changes any thing.
i have only been reloading for 4 months and dont have all the fancy tools yet. they are on my wish list...

thank you both lots..

my grandpa tought me there is no dum question besides the one you dont ask .
and with reloading if you dont ask can get you hurt so thats why i wanted to double check and make sure it was safe...
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