Savage 300 Win Mag with Bushnell scope

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    I was helping a friend out and thought maybe, just maybe I'd need a hunting rifle. Or a sniper rifle. Whatever. The point is, I don't need a 300 Win Mag. And the older I get, the less likely it is that I'm going to fire it.

    This rifle lived in his closet. It's got a few dings and scratches--which is why you're going to get a really good deal--but he tells me it went hunting only a couple of times. I believe it's an older gun and doesn't have the "accu-trigger."

    Scope is your basic Bushnell something or other. And it has a sling, though you'll likely want to get something custom for it when you hand me $300. Okay, make it a best offer. Heck, I might even give it to you on a trade.

    I like everything firearms-oriented. Don't need another .380 or .38. But might like another shotgun or rifle. Or pressure washer, jig saw plus cash, etcetera.

    Bring your Oregon CHL or similar identification so that I'm certain it isn't going to end up abandoned on some tall building or hill after it's been shot, if you know what I mean. I hate going to court...

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