Saiga 12, Classic Styling and Professionally Converted

Discussion in 'Shotgun Classifieds' started by trainsktg, Nov 10, 2013.

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    For your consideration, here is a tastefully converted Saiga 12, bought by me from Atlantic Firearms in early 2010. Included are a set of wood and polymer furniture, AK sling, five factory 5-round magazines, two Promag 10-round magazines and an MDArms V-Plug. Standard AK rear sight leaf and adjustable front sight. It fires all 70mm and 76mm 12g. ammunition from cheap bulk through magnums. The optic is an excellent, factory-new Rakurs-A tritium powered sight, which is optional for the purposes of this sale/trade.

    Here is the shotgun featured on the manufacturer's website:

    Red Jacket Firearms - Sons of Guns - ?RTS-12PG?-RedClassic $2075 "Nevah Bin Dun Befo."

    Here is me firing the shotgun a while back using cheap WallyWorld 'low brass' Federal bulk:

    Saiga 12 Magazine Dump - YouTube

    The picture below show the actual shotgun with its current polymer furniture (bought from Arsenal).

    I would prefer to trade this shotgun for a non-kit rifle chambered in 7.62NATO like an HK91, a Springfield SAR-48 (or other real contract FAL), or a Mitchell Arms Yugo M77. Military optics like FERO-Z, Trilux SUIT, etc, if included, are desirable...I have no interest in commercial optics. Cash +/- as appropriate. Other exceptional trades might be considered.

    Less preferred is a cash sale. $2,100 for the shotgun and all accessories except for the Rakurs-A, $2,600 for everything.

    Thanks for looking,

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    I have a springfield M1A standard with a Sadlak aluminum mount, a 3-9x40 scope, two fives and a ten round magazine. Exactly fifty rounds fired.
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