Safariland Bullet PROOF Vest

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(.44 Magnum; Submachine Gun 9mm). This armor protects against .44 Magnum, Semi Jacketed Hollow Point (SJHP) bullets, nominal masses of 15.55 g (240 gr.), impacting at a velocity of 426 m/s (1,400 ft/s) or less, and against 9mm full-metal jacketed bullets, with nominal masses of 8.0 g (124 gr.), impacting at a velocity of 426 m/s (1,400 ft/s) or less. It also provides protection against most handgun threats, as well as the Level I, IIA, and II threats. Level IIIA body armor provides the highest level of protection currently available from concealable body armor and is generally suitable for routine wear in many situations. However, departments located in hot, humid climates may need to evaluate the use of Level III–A armor carefully
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This might sound like an amateur question, but is the plating included in the vest or is it just the vest and plating would have to be purchased separately?
IIIA vests are soft body armor. Standard soft body armor does not act as plate carriers. There are a few plate carriers that have Kevlar or Spectra in them but not many, and they are very expensive. Remember, plates cost between 200-400 per plate, and you need two. Only ballistic plates will stop rifle calibers. Good soft body armor will have a pocket that is 6x8 or 8x10 over the heart for a second, smaller IIIA insert. I've seen one place so far that you can get small ceramic plates for that pocket, though I've never talked to anybody who has done it.

Anybody interested in buying used body armor should do their research on that particular vest to find out how old it is, and how many hours it's been worn. The more a vest is worn, the more the fibers get broken down (slowly of course).
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