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    By Mark Singer
    Safe Direction Firearms
    Web Address: safedirection.org

    Today, many individuals feel that the venerable 6 shooter or the wheel gun is all but obsolete. The popularity of the revolver within law enforcement agencies was staggering and then the advent of the first wonder nines. The first high capacity semi-automatic pistols adopted by many police agencies in the 1980’s and were primarily produced in 9mm Luger (parabellum) And as law enforcement changes so do the preferences of the armed community; with high capacity semi-autos sweeping the market. Yet today revolvers are still capable and a lot of fun when you combine 44 magnum with Buffalo Bore Ammunition.
    Well, today I would like to take a look at two revolvers designed by Smith and Wesson. Both are not commonly found and are perhaps some of the best wheel guns this author has owned. These two revolvers are the products of precision gunsmithing done S&W’s own Performance Center. The first revolver we will discuss is the model 627; Then we will move on to the S&W model 629 Talo Deluxe. This is a 44 magnum 3 inch barrel N frame revolver.

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    The S&W 627PC is my first choice in a hand gun. It is the hand gun I used in 3 gun club matches. The 5" barrel works really well for me when I carry this revolver in the field, hiking, or fishing.

    While I do not care for a 3" .44 magnum, I picked a not so different one for field carry, when I do not carry the 627PC ... a S&W 329PD. A light weight with 4" barrel. That is its redeeming quality in my book ... light weight. I carry a lot when out hiking, or fishing, but shoot very little.

    Two very fine revolvers in my book. To satisfy both the trend for autoloaders so as to not be left behind, I took care of both the .357 magnum and .44 magnum favor by buying a Desert Eagle XIX. While I have carried this (in .357 magnum in its 10" barrel) into the field, it is really a 'Clunker'. Nothing as fine as the two Smith & Wessons.
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    Watching that little gif reminded me of my friends fathers .44. good memories and its really giving me the desire to buy a big bore revolver.

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