S&W 686+ 7-shot .357

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    First off is the S&W 686-6 with a 4" barrel. This is a 7-shot .357mag/.38spec model with lock as seen in picture. Good condition at least, no significant scratches, nothing deep but some small surface stuff as seen in picture. Looks better in person, flash brings out the flaws.
    I've swapped the front sight for a fiber option, and some of the internal springs to lighten things up w/o effecting reliability.
    No idea on round count, bought it used.
    Comes with 6 speed loaders of 2 different types. Can include original front sight and springs. No box or manual, but can throw in a beat up hard case.

    ***** M57 is SPF*******
    Next is a Yugo M57 in 7.62 Tokarev. Comes with 2 factory mags, and holster. There is some rust in the barrel, but nowhere else, looks like it could be removed with some elbow grease.
    -$175 (I will need all your info as this is logged into my C&R bound book)
    I also have a bunch of surplus ammo, 70rd boxes @ $9 per box, discount if you buy it all (37 boxes total). Not splitting up ammo until gun is sold.


    Both are FTF in Albany.
    Mostly looking for cash, but may trade for the right thing. No hunting rifles, AKs, drop guns.
    Possible trades:
    -S&W .38/.357 plinker in the $300 range
    -S&W M&P22
    -Stoeger SxS 12ga
    -9mm Makarov pistol
    -AR stuff
    -Send other lists of guns, etc
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