WTS/WTT WA S&W 642 Pro Series (cut for moon clips) cocobolo grips BEAUTIFUL

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    I have a like new 642 Pro Series. It is cut for moon clips. Little to no wear. NO LOCK. Comes with box. I am firm. It is essentially new. With Esmeralda Celtic cross cocobolo wood grips. Handmade. Clipdraw as well.

    EDIT: Ok folks, this seems to be confusing a lot of you. The moon clip cuts on the cylinder were done at the factory. That is what a Pro Series is. Secondly, moon clips are a way to facilitate faster reloads by making all the cartridges one unit that goes in and out of the revolver. Yes, some revolvers use moon clips to fire non rimmed centerfire cartridges. No, this revolver will not fire 9mm. The pressures are different and the charging chambers are not milled for 9mm. I hope that helps clear up any confusion.

    $500 shipped to OR $475 local Seattle area

    Will trade for a Glock 26 gen 4



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