WTS OR Ruger SR-22 Tactical Rifle w/extras

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    Ruger rifle, Leupold 1.5x4 Firedot tactical scope, QD mounts attached to high bi-pod, low bi-pod, flashlight QD mount. triple 10 round mags, Cabela's Deluxe hard case, ambi QD tactical sling and mounts. Threaded flash suppressor (loosened) can be removed by hand. All in AS New condition or , at least, near mint. I will mail out keys to case and make sure you have them before I ship case with rifle and extras. I am asking $1,500 plus shipping costs.

    I will keep 10/22 High cap mags (Illegal to sell or trade in Colorado), flashlight, pistol, and MKIII 22/45 mags

    I have no idea what the prefixes are all about but I could not post without one. I want to sell in order to purchase the following items:

    Crimson Trace LG-401 green laser grips
    Fastfire 3 with mount for Ruger MKIII 22/45 Lite included rail and keep factory target sights on pistol
    Volquartsen MKIII 22/45 trigger kit
    Ruger Take Down 10/22 Tactical rifle (threaded barrel)
    Fastfire 3 or Bushnell TRS - 25 for rifle

    So, I guess, I will intertain a trade for the above items.

    1980-01-01 SR-22 setup 001.JPG

    1980-01-01 SR-22 setup 002.JPG

    1980-01-01 SR-22 setup 003.JPG

    1980-01-01 SR-22 setup 004.JPG

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