Ruger MK II Flap Holster Shared

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    I discovered a great Flap Holster option that I wanted to share. It's made by Ace Case. Although the online fitment info says it's for a 1911, it does fit the Ruger MK II 4 3/4" barrel perfectly. I decided to take a chance and ordered it. I knew that if my Dad's Colt Woodsman fit an old U.S. 1911 leather holster, the MK II should fit too.

    PS...The Woodsman 4 1/2" barrel fits the Ace Case fine. :thumbup:

    Holster (Ace Case): Flap Holster - Ace Case
    Size-Model#: A-FH-B-R
    Price: $26.38 (16.00 + 10.38 shipping)

    Note: Uncle Mike's # 5 "Side-Kick" holster for a comparison.

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