Ruger Mini 14 with mags and ammo

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    Looking to sale or trade my Ruger Mini 14. Its a series 181 with flash hider and bayonet lug. Has a Buttler Creek folding stock and I have 6 mags 4-20 round( two of which are Ruger) and two 30 round. I also have a scope mount that requres no gun smithing to install. I will also include a sealed 400 round pack of Federal 55gr FMJ 223 ammo.
    I'm looking for $1100 cash. Will trade for other firearms but at the top of my list would be a S&W 629 pre lock with full lug barrel or possibly a SW 625. I don't feel in today's market this is over priced . Low ball offers will be ignored. I will e-mail or text pics.
    Thanks for looking.
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